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Version 2.1

Recently, My Secret Payment underwent a complete "make-over" adding some very cool options & features. We called it v2.0 :-) but some things just weren't meant to be. I personally didn't like the feel of it and those of you who know me personally, know I am OCD about having things "just right." So we shut it off and I told my team to stay up ALL night and bring me something better to look at the next day. 

While this version isn't totally complete.... it has the stability, the functionality, and the simplicity that I believe will make a better experience for you. I don't want this site to be about your clients. That is what your individual payment portals are for. That is why they are hosted individually and we customize each one just for you. I want this site to be about YOU!

When 100% complete this site will have everything you need to maximize your income doing what you do best! It will have capabilities for you to learn about and manage your payment portal, a live streaming platform that can be an alternative to Skype, a Video On Demand center that you can use for streaming content (making it easier for those using phones & tablets.... and harder to pirate.) Additionally you can control your marketing & public relations all in one place with all the resources I have gathered in the past 7 years. 

Thank you for being patient as we grow and occasionally experience growing pains. As you know, I'm happy to assist each one of you and take as much time as we need until we dial in exactly what you are looking for in your career and journey to operating independently.